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Drainage Facilities, Control Structures & Energy Dissipaters

Buck Gully Outlet Control Structure, Newport Beach, CA.

NCI performed the planning and engineering studies to develop alternatives for replacing a destroyed outlet structure and a damaged sewage pipeline, refilling and regrading the scoured creed bed, and repairing the eroded slope banks. The outlet structure, sewage pipeline, and creek bed and banks were damaged during the 1997-1998 El Nino season. A subsequent revegetation plan and monitoring program was also proposed to restore the biodiversity of the regraded creek bed and bank located within 300 feet upstream of the outlet structure. NCI assisted the City in applying the permits from various State and Federal regulatory agencies. NCI performed all the engineering, and prepared the plans, specifications, construction documents and cost estimate for this project. Construction support services were also provided.

Before Rehabilitation
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After Rehabilitation
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Murray Road Bridge Stabilizer, Oceanside, CA.

NCI analyzed potential channel erosion at the new Murray Bridge overpass of the San Luis Rey River, and evaluated the new bridge's stabilizer structure. Based on an evaluation of the existing conditions and on the available fluvial and flood data, it was determined that emergency mitigation was required to reinforce the existing grouted quarry stone stabilizer structure. NCI performed the engineering design, and prepared the construction drawings, specifications and contract documents in order to lower the existing stabilizer toe protection by an additional 15 vertical feet and widen the structure by an additional 60 horizontal feet for its entire 600 lineal feet across the river's channel width fronting the Murray Bridge. NCI also provided full time resident inspection and construction management services during construction. A major dewatering system was installed by the contractor in order to significantly lower the water table across the river's channel during construction.

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Tracy Fish Test Facilities, Fish Bypass Replacement, Tracy, CA.

To facilitate rehabilitation of the Bureau of Reclamation's fish bypass facility in Tracy, California, NCI performed structural engineering design for support of temporary construction loads. The work consisted of a structural analysis of the existing facility and, where needed, design of crane bearing pads for safe transfer of anticipated temporary construction loads while the contractor (Harbor Offshore) replaced the intake ducts. Fabrication drawings and the finite element structural calculations were submitted to the Bureau of Reclamation for their approval prior to site mobilization.

Oxnard West Drain Water Quality Enhancement, Oxnard, CA.

This task consisted of review of feasible means and methods to reduce the discharge of debris into Mandalay Bay from the Oxnard West Drain. Plans and specifications were prepared under staff direction to relocate temporary debris barriers within the flood control channel.


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