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Sunroad Marina, San Diego, CA

The Sunroad Marina project consisted of a 550-boat marina, a building for commercial and retail sales, restrooms and lockers, swimming pool, parking, landscaping and other site improvements.NCI performed the waterfront design work and the initial oceanographic analysis that lead to the recommended breakwater protection. Services included development of engineering design criteria; preparation of alternative conceptual layouts; cost estimates; detailed engineering design; and preparation of final plans and specifications for concrete floating docks, utilities, prestressed concrete piling, gangways, dock accessories and a prestressed concrete sheet pile breakwater. NCI also assisted in the permit process, reviewed shop drawings, and provided intermittent inspection during construction.


San Leandro Marina Replacement, San Leandro, CA.

This project included the replacement of an existing timber floating dock system with a 250-berth concrete floating dock system, dredging, and all shoreside utilities and landscape improvements. NCI prepared the layout, performed the design, and prepared the final drawings, specifications, contract documents, and cost estimate for the replacement of the marina facilities. These facilities consisted of concrete berths, prestressed concrete piles, aluminum gangways, and concrete approach piers. Work involved extensive coordination with permitting agencies, along with preparation of a long-range operational dredge plan. NCI also performed full-time construction management and resident field inspection.

Marina Expansion, Naval Training Center, San Diego, CA.

A new marina facility was designed to include a boat launch pier and crane; an access pier and floating dock marina; shoreline protection; a marina support building; utilities; and site improvements such as paved parking, walks and landscaping. NCI's services included the preparation of conceptual designs; engineering design studies; final engineering design; and construction drawings, specifications, cost estimates and bid documents for a timber floating dock system and two concrete pier structures. The two pier structures were designed utilizing prestressed concrete piling, poured-in-place reinforced concrete pile caps, and precast double-"T" beam/deck systems. NCI performed detailed life cycle cost comparisons of alternative designs during the conceptual design phase of work. NCI also provided construction support services.


King Harbor Mooring Design, Redondo Beach, CA.

This project consisted of evaluating the operational limits of a 77-acre open water boat berthing area located directly behind the north breakwater within the outer harbor of King Harbor; recommending improvements; and designing a new mooring system. Initially NCI's services included review of the wave climate within the outer harbor and existing mooring facility, definition of safe zone(s) within the mooring area during a 50-year and 100-year storm event, and determination of potential anchorage hazard zone(s) on an annual risk exposure basis. NCI then designed, and prepared the plans and specifications for a new mooring basin including the mooring spacing, anchor weights, and chain and line sizes.

Alviso Marina County Park, Alviso, CA.

The Alviso Marina County Park Improvement Project included two phases. Phase I involved the concept planning, evaluation of alternatives, cost estimating, feasibility analysis, and master plan development for the Alviso Marina. The facility had shoaled in, had become overgrown with marsh vegetation, and was no longer usable as a recreational marina. Alternatives included re-establishing the marina through various structural alternatives, or abandoning the marina and creating a wildlife viewing area. The latter approach was the preferred alternative. Phase 2, currently in progress, involves the design, preparation of contract documents, and construction observation. Noble Consultants was responsible for the design of an ADA-compliant boardwalk that crosses the marina through the wetlands, and design of the observation overlook. This included the evaluation of construction materials, design layout, and construction methodology to minimize impacts on the vegetation and sensitive wildlife.


Marina Assessment At Los Vaqueros Reservoir, Contra Costa County, CA.

CalFed and the Contra Costa Water District are exploring the feasibility of expanding the water storage capacity of Los Vaqueros Reservoir. This would require the relocation of recently completed marina and fishing float facilities. Noble Consultants was retained to develop alternatives for providing access to the marina and to the fishing floats in the expanded reservoir. NCI also evaluated existing ADA access constraints and opportunities. The new design needed to account for a water level variation of up to 50 feet, more than the current variation of 20 feet. NCI assessed combinations of pile supported structures and moveable dock systems to meet the requirements for this project, and also performed a survey of marina/fishing float access and anchoring methods at similar lake/reservoir facilities in the State that experience a large variation in water level.


National City Marina, National City, CA.

This project to construct a new 250-slip municipal marina facility involved the excavation and removal of 638,000 cubic yards of sand and underlying weak saturated soils to create a new mooring basin within existing tidelands. NCI prepared the final design of the mooring basin, which included supervision of necessary geotechnical studies to determine the soil's engineering properties; computation of cut-and-fill material quantities; identification of alternative spoil disposal plans; and description of construction methods to excavate the rectangular basin. The Basis of Design analysis also included the hydraulics related to the adjacent Sweetwater Channel, tidal influence from San Diego Bay, and potential sedimentation within the marina's entrance area. To improve the basin flushing capability during ebb tides, a set of culverts were designed within the existing rock revetment separating Sweetwater Channel from the marina basin. In addition, the marina's entrance was designed by removing and reconfiguring a section of the existing Sweetwater Channel slope revetment. NCI prepared a marina layout plan for the 250 boat marina, and prepared plans for the parking, entrance road, security fencing and other landside improvements. NCI also provided engineering construction support and evaluation to the Port of San Diego during the construction excavation and completion of the marina basin's entrance.

Dana Point Harbor Re-Leasing and Revitalization Plan, Dana Point, CA.

NCI provided waterfront elements for the new Dana Point Harbor Re-Leasing and Revitalization Plan. This included review of all existing waterfront usages, assembling required background information, participating in various meetings and providing recommended waterfront elements for the final revitalization plan and design guidelines. Additional work included assessment of the two marina lessees' proposed improvement plans and costs, a letter report documenting our assessment and estimated costs, and review/evaluation of the lessees' response letter to our assessment of their plans and costs.


Lake Elsinore Pilot Destratification System, Lake Elsinore, CA.

The City of Lake Elsinore retained NCI to design the pilot axial-flow pump destratification system for Lake Elsinore. This is an important component of the overall comprehensive plan to rehabilitate Lake Elsinore. The project, consisting of large water pumps installed on the lake surface, will mix and move oxygen rich surface water to lower lake depths to aerate and improve lake water quality. The prototype unit consists of five 33-foot long by 21-foot wide floating docks each designed to moor four interchangeable axial-flow pump units. Each floating pump unit is approximately 8-feet square. A long shaft axial-flow pump is suspended below water level within the 9-foot frame tower. NCI was responsible for site planning, structural design of the steel frame pump units, docking station assembly, floatation, anchorage system, and design of navigational aids. The project was packaged into two separate contracts to expedite construction. Consultation during construction was also provided to assist the City's contractor during fabrication and construction allowing the project to move forward on a fast-track schedule.

The City is the lead agency to construct, install and maintain an in-lake mixing system to combat fish kills and algae blooms by circulating more than 800 million gallons per day to aerate and improve oxygen distribution between the lake surface and lower depths. Project features include five floating docking stations and 20 axial flow pumps aligned along the high speed zone of the lake. A submerged cable along the lake bottom supplies electricity to the system. Buoys and other safety features are included for the protection of lake users. The Lake Elsinore and San Jacinto Watersheds Authority is funding all capital costs. Operating costs will be shared by the City, EVMWD, and the County of Riverside.

Review of Parcel 91 Dock and Gangway, Marina del Rey, CA.

Noble assessed the structural condition and integrity of the existing P-91 dock and gangway, prepared an ADA access plan, reviewed access options for personal watercraft users, provided preliminary engineering design for improved dock lighting, and prepared an opinion of construction cost.


Structural Review of the FantaSea One Berth at Parcel 77, Marina del Rey, CA.

Following a tenant request to berth a larger vessel, Noble conducted a site visit to document existing conditions and carried out a structural assessment study of the dock framing and pile restraint system to withstand increased operational and wind loading conditions.

Fisherman's Village Pier 56 - Structural Review of Sign, Marina del Rey, CA.

Noble conducted a site visit and prepared structural calculations to evaluate the integrity of tenant signage proposed on Pier 56, a County owner facility. Recommendations were provided to improve the support structure and base connection for the sign.

Fire Station No. 110 Dock Inspection, Marina del Rey, CA.

Noble inspected the dock at Los Angeles County Fire Station No. 110 after being struck by an errant fireboat while attempting to berth. Following the on-site assessment, Noble provided the County with recommendations to repair the dock.


San Diego Princess Resort Marina Development, Mission Bay, CA.

NCI performed all engineering design, and prepared the construction drawings, specifications, contract bid documents and detailed engineer's construction cost estimate for the demolition of an existing floating dock system used for a rental boat operation, and for the construction of a new, expanded floating dock rental boat operation and a new 58 boat slip floating dock marina. An extra strong timber floating dock system was developed for this project due to its commercial usage and its exposure to small waves and currents. The marina design consisted of glue-laminated walers, timber stringers, steel torsion bars, steel tie-rods, timber, or plastic deck, and polyethylene tubs filled with polystyrene foam for floatation, and included full utilities, locker boxes, other dock amenities, ADA gangway access, and timber access pier. All dock guide piles and pier piles were prestressed concrete piling. The separate rental boat floating dock system was designed of similar construction as the marina; however, it was designed with a large deck surface areas (total of 6,200 square feet) in order to accommodate a 15 feet by 25 feet rental office, docking/passenger loading for a large cruise vessel, storage of rental equipment, ramps for hobie catamarans/jet ski boats, stacking of paddle boats/kayaks, and docking of rental sail/power boats. This rental dock also included ADA gangway access and full utility service with individual circuits/breakers and with a sanitation pump-out system.


Dana Point East Basin and West Basin Marinas, Dana Point, CA.

NCI was retained by the County of Orange to inspect all waterside improvements for the East and West Basins at Dana Point Harbor, and to recommend required marina rehabilitation work by the existing lessees, including rehabilitation construction phasing and costs. The existing East Basin Marina consists of 29 headwalks with 1466 berths of concrete unifloat construction, and 624 steel guide piles, while the existing West Basin Marina consists of 964 berths of concrete T-dock construction, and 469 concrete guide piles. Services included performing detailed evaluations and material quantity take-offs of the 30-year old existing marinas, and the recommendation of new marina layouts utilizing new concrete dock systems including improved marina amenities.

Lighthouse Marina, Sacramento, CA.

NCI initially performed a river sedimentation analysis; located the marina entrance channel to minimize potential shoaling; recommended and reviewed a numerical hydrodynamic model for the river, entrance channel and basin to study flushing for the marina; and prepared the conceptual marina layout. NCI then performed detailed engineering for the marina basin, erosion control, sedimentation maintenance at the marina's entrance, and the entire 350-boat floating dock system including utilities, gangways, handicapped access, and marina ancillaries such as launching system, dryboat storage, fuel dock, sanitary pumpouts, navigational aids, harbor master float, pollution control and riverfront dock rehabilitation. Approximately 60 percent of this marina had covered berths. NCI also prepared the performance plans, specifications, bid documents and construction cost estimates, and then met with potential contractors to discuss construction methods and costs.


Bayside Marina Dock Replacement Project, Newport Beach, CA.

NCI prepared and processed all regulatory permit applications for the Bayside Marina, which consisted of removing all existing floating docks, piling and utilities, and replacing them with new floating docks, piling and utilities. The existing facility consisted of 182 boat slips averaging 27 feet in length, 28,900 square feet of dock area, and 128 piling. The new facility consists of 212 boat slips averaging 37 feet in length, 57,900 square feet of dock area, and 194 piling. Initially, a City of Newport Beach Harbor Permit was processed and granted as project "approval-in-concept". Site meetings were then held with representatives from the California Coastal Commission, California Department of Fish and Game, California Regional Water Quality Control Board, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Permit applications were prepared for a Coastal Development Permit, a 401 Certification, and an Army Letter of Permission of Section 10 in lieu of a Section 404 Permit. A marine biological survey and environmental assessment was performed, and cleared the proposed project of any negative impact with the implementation of minimum specified mitigation measures.


Marina Algodones, San Carlos, Mexico.

NCI performed an engineering and economic feasibility study for a marina and residential waterfront development. Services included preparation of the marina berthing layout for 350 boats, as well as the layout for residential boat berths, boat launching ramp, dry boat storage, boat haul-out and maintenance yard, yacht club facilities and fuel dock. The marina plan also included the location and layout of the entrance breakwater channel in order to protect the marina basin, and the layout of all parking, roadways and landscaping.

Callville Bay Marina, Lake Mead, NV.

NCI performed an evaluation of the existing 650 boat Calville Bay Marina after it sustained some damage during a 90 mile per hour windstorm with wind generated waves reaching four to five feet at the marina's floating breakwater. The outer marina was constructed of glue-laminated lumber and included a floating breakwater as its outer main headwalk. Damage to this portion of the marina was mainly to the steel thruss supported covered roofing. The smaller marina is the original, older marina which experienced some damage to its steel thruss framed docks and deck planks. Overall, the marina performed well for this unusually severe windstorm, however, NCI provided recommendations to improve its performance for future severe storm events.


Oriental Pearl Marina Conceptual Design, Shanghai, China

NCI performed a preliminary design and conceptual marina layout for a new marina to be constructed in front of the Seagull Palace on the Huang-pu River in Shanghai, China. The marina consisted of designing a sheet pile breakwater protected basin of 60 meters width and 140 meters length with a fixed pile supported pier and floating dock to replace an existing commercial excursion boat dock, 39 boat slips for boats of 13.5 meters to 21.5 meters in length, and a sanitary pump; and a fueling dock. A landside landscape plan and new marina building in addition to artistic renderings and conceptual engineered drawings were also provided.



Proposed Marina Plan for Redevelopment of Burton Chace Park, Marina del Rey, CA

During late 2008 and 2009/2010 NCI prepared a master conceptual plan to replace all existing floating dock marinas for Parcels 45, 47, EE, 48 and 77, and to add an additional boarding float at the existing public boat launch facility for Parcel 49R at the Burton Chace Park Peninsula in Marina del Rey. This master plan was performed due to both the deteriorating condition of the existing marinas and to better utilize the water side space for the berthing of boats. For Parcel EE on the main channel side this proposed plan also included the addition of a fixed pier structure on the northern end and a fixed pier structure on the southern end that is fronted by a 120 foot long floating dock for use as a pump-out facility on one end and as a water taxi station at the other end. On the Basin H side the plan includes a 300 foot long side-tie dock plus 9 double 32 foot berths for transient boat use

Parcel 77 includes a 485 foot long by 40 foot wide dock with two 10 foot wide gangways and an ADA access gangway with two hinged ramp sections for small boat use for the proposed marina facility.  This dock can accommodate PWC’s, small sail boats, rowing boats/shells and kayaks; and can be used to store these small boats directly on the dock as required in addition to storage of boat related items.  It can also be used for boat instructional classes.  For the Parcel 49R existing small boat launch facility, a fourth dock has been added with gangway access from the bulkhead for boats to temporarily dock while keeping the existing three boat launch boarding docks free for the active launching and retrieval of boats.  Detailed cost estimates were also prepared to construct this proposed redevelopment plan.






Report for a Marina del Rey Slip Sizing Study, Marina del Rey, CA

Marina del Rey was formally dedicated in 1965.  The harbor complex encompasses over 800 acres of upland development and over water facilities that serve a variety of landside and water related uses including providing berthing for over 5,000 boats.  Over the past 40 years the harbor has evolved into an indispensable social, environmental and economic asset for Los Angeles County, and has become one of the successful urban marinas throughout the world.  The purpose of this study was to evaluate boat berth slip distribution criteria for the marinas undergoing reconfiguration and replacement in order to balance the recreational boating needs and demands for all of Marina del Rey, and in order to adequately support the Marina del Rey boating activities for the next 40 years. 

The boat berth slip distributions for 21 individual marinas within Marina del Rey that were originally constructed between 1964 and 1972 were reviewed in this analysis.  The historic changes in boat berth distributions for the Marina del Rey individual marinas were analyzed, and the already reconfigured marinas and   proposed marina reconfigurations within Marina del Rey were discussed.  The boat berth distributions for the Marina del Rey were then compared to other California marinas, and the Marina del Rey slip demand was analyzed based on the available historical data. An assessment of the change in vessel beam widths versus vessel length since the 1960s was evaluated, and recommendations for the continued reconfiguration of the Marina del Rey marinas was developed based on this comprehensive slip sizing study.



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