Engineering Disciplines


Marina Services Provided by Noble

Existing Marinas:

  • Inspection & Evaluation of Existing Marinas
  • Estimation of Remaining Life of Existing Marinas
  • Maintenance Recommendations/Designs for Existing Marinas
  • Recommended Replacement/Rehabilitation of Existing Marinas
  • Recommended Retrofitting of Existing Marinas

New Marinas:

  • Engineering & Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Market Analysis Studies
  • Distribution of Boat Sizes & Types
  • Hydrographic/Topographic Surveys
  • Analyses/Studies to Develop Design Criteria
  • Numerical & Hydraulic Model Studies, if required
  • Recommended Site Location/Orientation
  • Preparation of Conceptual Designs/Berthing Layouts
  • Permit Processing with Regulatory Agencies
  • Engineering Design
  • Preparation of Plans, Specifications & Cost Estimates
  • Preparation of Construction Contract Documents for Bidding
  • Overseeing Construction Bidding Process & Award of Contract
  • Engineering Construction Support Services
  • Full Time Construction Management Services
  • Resident Inspection & Offsite Fabrication Inspection

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