Engineering Disciplines


Surveying/Field Monitoring

Hydrographic Surveys

Precision Hydrographic Surveys & Underwater Inspection
Shallow Water Harbor and Wetland Bathymetry
Multi-Beam Surveys
Dredge Plans
Pre & Post Dredging Surveys & Dredgeable Material Volume Computations
Damage Assessment Surveys
Sea Floor Mapping & Side Scan Sonar Surveys
Ocean Current & Water Temperature Monitoring
Sea & Swell (Wave) Instrumentation & Monitoring
Water Quality Measurement
Tidal Studies
Dye Studies

Land Surveying

Topographical Surveying
Boundary Surveys
Encroachment Surveys

Marine Geophysical Surveying

Sub-Bottom Profiling
Magnetic Surveys
Reflection & Refraction Surveys

Wetland and Estuarine Studies

Shallow Water Mapping
Circulation Studies
Tidal Studies
Water Quality Monitoring

Equipment - Click on thumbnails below to view graphics

Survey Vessels
Leica/Magnavox MX 400 DGPS
Hypack Max Survey Package
Imagenex Model 858 Sonar Processor
Imagenex Side Scan Sonar
Imagenex Profiling Sonar
Innerspace Model 448 Precision Depth
Microtide Tide Gage
Geodimeter 510 Total Station
Other miscellaneous survey items and

MV L'IL Warrior | MV Western Warrior | Model 858 Profiling Sonar

Survey Skiff

Imagenex Model 858 Side Scan Sonar

Geodimeter 510 Total Station

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