Engineering Disciplines


Types of Marina Facilities Designed by Noble

  • Marinas for Pleasure Crafts, Mega Yachts and/or Commercial Vessels/Operations
  • Marina Facilities for Olympic Class and Youth Racing Programs
  • Floating Docks Anchored Either by Guide Piles or Mooring Systems
  • Fixed Docks Supported by Piles or Piers
  • Covered Marinas
  • Marinas Located in Rivers, Estuaries, Lakes, Bays, Harbors or Oceans
  • Individual Marinas Reaching 2,500 Slips with Berths Exceeding 200 Feet in Length
  • Dock Construction Utilizing Concrete, Timber, Aluminum, Steel and/or Composite Materials
  • Numerous Types of Dock Construction with Above Materials
  • Dock Floatation of Various Materials and Construction
  • Dock Piling Consisting of Concrete, Timber or Steel
  • Deep Water Cable-Stayed Anchoring Systems
  • Marina Electrical and Mechanical Design Including:
    • Electrical Power, Phone, Cable & TV Service
    • Dock Lighting & Transformers
    • Fire Water Suppression & Domestic Water
    • Fire Hose Cabinets
    • Sanitary Pump Out Systems
  • All Marina Amenities and Accessories
  • Floating and Fixed Breakwater Protection
  • Aluminum & Timber Gangways Including Handicap Access
  • Marina Access Piers & Landings
  • Boat Hoists & Cranes
  • Shoreline Bulkheads & Slope Revetments
  • Landscape Design
  • Preparation of Marina Dock Standards and Guidelines
  • Design of Boat Launching Ramp Facilities
  • Design of Piers/Wharfs
  • Design of Channel Navigational Aids
  • Design of New and Maintenance Dredging


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